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Preterm Sylabi 2010:

STAT 603/608/611 Statistical Analysis for Management

MGEC 603/608 Manegerial Economics

FNCE 604 Corporate Finance

ACCT 603/ 604/ 608 Financial Accounting

The Core Sylabi 2010:

ACCT 620/ACCT 621 Financial Accounting

ACCT 622 Fundamentals of Manegerial Accounting

FNCE 601/FNCE 621 Corporate Finance

FNCE 602 Macroeconomics and the Global Economic Environment

LGST 621 The Government and Legal Environment of Business

*LGST 652 Ethics and Responsibility

MGEC 621 Manegerial Economics

MGMT 621 Management of People at Work

*MGMT 652 Foundations of Teamwork and Leadership

MGMT 654 Competetive Strategy

MGMT 655 Global Strategic Management

MKTG 621 Marketing Management: Program Design

MKTG 622 Marketing Management: Strategy

OPIM 621 Decision Models and Uncertainty

OPIM 631 Operations Management: Quality and Productivity

OPIM 632 Operations Management: Supply Chain Managent

STAT 621 Statistical Analysis for Management

*WHCP 653 Management Communication

(Classes with * cannot be waived)

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Marketing Conference 2008

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Marketing Conference 2010

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Africa Business Conference

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India Economic Forum

Social Impact Conference

Asia Club

African Student's Association


Greater China Club

India Club

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Southeast Asian Club

Politics&Public Policy Club

Art&Design in Business

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Outdoor Club

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Poker and Gaming Club


Scotch Club

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International Economic Statistics




UN Population Fund


European Central Bank

World Bank

AUS Bureau of Statistics

AUS Reserve Bank

AUT Statistik Austria

AUT National Bank

BEL National Institute of Statistics

BEL National Bank

CAN Statistics Canada

CAN Bank of Canada


FRA Bank of France

GER Federal Statistics Office

GER Bundesbank


ITA Bank of Italy

JPN Bureau of Statistics

JPN Bank of Japan

NED Statistics Bureau

NED Netherlands Bank

ESP National Statistics Institute

ESP Bank of Spain

SWE Statistics Sweden

SWE Bank of Sweden

SWI Federal Statistic Office

SWI Swiss National Bank

UK National Statistics

UK Bank of England

USA Fedstats

USA Commerce Department, US Census Bureau

USA Bureau of Economic Analysis

USA Treasury

USA Federal Reserve

UN Statistical Office

Harvard University Center for International Development

Bank for International Settlements

Things I Read While Applying

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